In a relationship has its ups and downs. You will have good times and bad times. Whether it’s a relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, best friends, siblings, it doesn’t matter. Once u have a bond or love for the person, it’s on.

I had a bond with my ex that I have never had with anyone else. A connection that I thought that would never break. We were after all “a perfect couple.” At the beginning of our relationship, everything was perfect. The first time we kissed was on the beach (romantic). We met each other parents like the second week of being together. We told each other we loved each other pretty early in our relationship; also, we couldn’t go seconds without each others company. We would talk for hours over the phone even after spending the whole day with each other, we would still go home and spend hours on the phone. When we got tired, we would keep the phone on and sleep with it on.

He would come to my house for dinner. I would go to his house for the same. I would sleep over at his house, go on trips, spend time with each others family. I mean I met every single one of his friends and relatives so did he to mines. We would spoil each other with breakfast in bed. Long story short he was every and everything I wanted and was looking for in a man and I really loved and care about him. I was afraid to lose this guy because I thought I would never find anyone like him ever again. I felt like no other guy like him existed. They were all bunch of lying cheating hoes.

But after one year and three months of being together things start to change, he didn’t want me around him as much as he used to, and he hardly comes to visit me at home.  People started wondering if we were even still together because we were so close. I can’t give you guys the full details of what happened, but all I can say is feelings change. Sometimes people have big issues and goals that they think being in a relationship won’t help. He was a good guy, and he never cheated on me while we were in a relationship. He let things, personal things get in between our relationship. The bond wasn’t there like before, so we ended things. I remember feeling like it was the worst day of my life. But it’s time to move on and enjoy my life and find someone who won’t give up on our relationship over foolishness.

Ladies, please value yourself and date someone who values you and your feelings as much as you value yourself. Make sure that you both want the same things,  before starting any relationship and then getting your heart broken in the end.

Men, please love and care for your woman especially when you find someone that loves and cares for you and would do anything for you. Don’t run away when things start to get complicated, “FIX IT”  that’s what a relationship is all about. Please don’t start a serious relationship with someone, if it’s not what you need. Ladies do the same because it’s not nice messing with someone’s feelings like that. It will cause them to not trust or love anyone again, mess up their whole view of relationships, make it hard for them to trust anyone again or fall in love.

Thank You,



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