I love to go out and enjoy myself with family and friends. I live in Jamaica so I love to go to the beaches one a daily basis with my friends and families.

We also love to go to the river, we would bring food and drink and cook there, spend the whole day enjoying ourselves and forgetting about all the problems we have going on in our life. Our phones wouldn’t be in our hands as often as it would be other times.

Don’t just work, work, work all day every day and stay in the house and do nothing. Go out with your family or friends and enjoy yourself because you never know when it will be your last or don’t wait until your old to say you wish you had done this or done that.

you don’t have to go to expensive places to enjoy yourself, and you don’t have to do things out of the way to enjoy yourselves either.

Live life to the fullest, forget your past and regrets.



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