We all have done something in our past that we are not proud of, something that we would never think of doing again or want to even think about.

Some things we have done in the past come back to haunt us in the future. Sometimes it’s about something that was done to us. Sometimes it’s about a thing we witnessed.

It’s easier said than done but never let the stuff that you did or have been done to you in the past haunt you in the future. DROP IT!!!!!!! Do not let it get the best of you or define your future. Life is too short to allow stuff like that to distract you from what you want to accomplish. If you pay too much attention to it trust me, it will affect you.

Stay focused on what you want to accomplish and leave the past behind. It’s in the past for a reason. So try your best to do what you can do to move on and move on with your life. Never give up. Keep praying.

Thank you.


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